Rave Reviews feedback like this is what we live for

“The Event Was a Huge Success!”

Thank you again so much for your work on the creative elements and vision for Junction Solutions’ presence at the United Fresh 2013 show. The comprehensive, multi-element program delivered real results for us.

We had a 4x increase in leads (60 leads last year vs. 220 leads this year).

  • Confirmation that we will be included in the RFP process for a key prospect
  • We had several prospects mention that they had received our postcard in the mail and recognized the branding/signage and wanted to stop by
  • There was great synergy between the booth materials and the VIP dinner invites
  • We had several attendees tell us they loved the strawberry and overall concept

– Kate Mayer, Marketing Director, Junction Solutions

“Exceptional Business Outcomes”

Lauren is the most remarkable person I have ever worked with. She produces exceptional business outcomes by combining marketing and creative genius with an incredible ability to execute. Her firm grasp of target market dynamics and present-day demand generation techniques enables her to craft campaigns that always exceed expectations in terms of professionalism and response rates.

She is very adept at navigating complex- and sometime competing- internal group dynamics in order to create a shared vision and a commitment to a course of action. Whether it was an event, web, print, or promotion, our customers always remarked on how eye-catching, professional, and on-the-mark our marketing efforts were. Lauren would be an indispensable asset to any business that is seeking to generate demand or improve market awareness of its offerings.

–Tim Finnegan, (formerly) SAS, Alphanumeric Systems

“Fearless, Creative, Sharp, Intelligent”

II have worked with Lauren for ten plus years. She is fearless, creative, sharp and intelligent: a joy!

–Joyce Putzer, President, Famous Marks

“Exceptional Work Quality”

Lauren worked for me at Systino and I strongly recommend her. She’s a creative genius. The quality of her work is exceptional. If you’re looking for somebody who can take your idea/concept and come back with 5 difficult-to-choose-from alternatives then she’s your person.

–President, Systino (former)

“By Far the Most Successful Event for Us Yet.”

Y our marketing theme and all the work you did really paid off … a huge success. We generated more leads than any of the previous events –  combined. Seriously.

[The product we introduced] was the buzz of the event. We had so many companies stop by to see a demo – not only [our traditional clients, but many companies we didn't know] stopped by and expressed strong interest as well.  We had people stop by our kiosk just for the mints! 

It was by far the most successful event for us yet!

–Shawn Grant, President, Tokara Solutions

“Enormous Growth in Lead Generation”

Lauren is the most creative, detail oriented, self sufficient, talented marketing person I’ve every had the pleasure to work with. She drastically raised the bar for a $300M company in design, execution, and visibility.

Lauren quickly grasped the products, value, customers, and industry knowledge — she processed her ideas into branding, content, collateral and campaigns that created enormous growth in lead generation.

We were able to change the model of sales reps spending time developing territory into focusing purely on sales execution.

–Michael Webster, (formerly) Infor, CDC Software

“Powerhouse in Technology Marketing”

KudzuCreative is a powerhouse in the technology marketing arena. Lauren Parker and her team immerse themselves in a project, and become an extension of the client organization.

It is a unique partnership that works, no matter what the scope and complexity of the program.

–Nicole Erickson, Marketing Director, Vonage Business Solutions

“Most Talented Marketing Creator & Organizer”

Lauren is the most talented marketing creator and organizer that I have ever worked with in the high-tech industry. She has a unique ability to create mind-grabbing content and the associated imagery as well as the professionalism to orchestrate and execute any campaign in a way that ensures that the client sees tangible marketing leads and opportunities.

–Chief Technology Officer, BravePoint (former); JBoss/Red Hat


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